Who is Lizard of Oz?

   Lizard of Oz, is a private reptile breeding company owned and established by the McClain family in 2013.

   We breed and offer several different species of reptile including but not limited to bearded dragons, ball pythons, chameleons and various types of colubrid snakes. We also keep and offer over a dozen different species of feeder and pet insects such as, Dubia roaches, Hissing Roaches, Superworms, and various Florida legal roach species. Not to mention pet and feeder rodents such as mice and African soft fur rats.

   Our business began with a passion, a passion that continues to grow with each animal purchased, clutch collected and every pet we place in a new home. It’s that same passion that fuels us in our mission to grow our small family business into a family owned reptile empire.

   We desire to not only become one of the largest reptile breeders in the country, if not the world, but also one  of the most well respected reptile breeders in the industry.

   We plan to achieve this goal by producing and delivering the most high quality, healthy, unique and eye catching animals possible for reptile owners world wide.

    We also want to help unite and grow the  captive reptile community and create more interest in the hobby. This is why spreading the message of peace, positivity, and motivation is a must for us personally as well as one of our core business values. We plan to use any and all of our available platforms to spread and practice these core values and to also bring the enlightenment to others about the wonderful world of reptiles.

“Peace, Love, Pogonas,” -the McClain Family.