Female Breeders

Our Bloodline

We take pride in selecting the best dragons we can find from some of the best breeders in the industry. Though we’ve been breeding long enough to develop our own lines and breed exclusively within our own production, we make a point of consistently  adding  new, unrelated dragons, and  out-crossing our lines as much as possible. We do this not only to maintain the integrity and health of our  bloodlines but also to be able to offer you unrelated animals for your breeding projects. 

Male Breeders

Past Breeders



“Oz” was one of the first females we bred and the oringal mascot of Lizard of Oz.She was a Hypo Red and consistently produced large clutches of 30 eggs or more often with 3-4 cluthces per pairing.


This girl was the foundation and starting point of our green project. She was a greenish citrus Het Hypo female. 


HypoTrans Citrus produced by Dachiu Dragons and acquired through Dragon Fortress. This was our first HypoTrans Citrus female and was ideal in size, structure, appetite and attitude. 


We imported this girl from the German breeder Markus Metz, through Eddie P. of Red Room Reptiles. We paid more than a pretty penny for her but she was worth every cent. 


Hypo Leatherback Dunner of huge proportions. This girl was huge and produced very large clutches, as well as very large and  healthy dragons for us.  


This girl was the beginning of our very popular white tiger line. She had a super sweet temperament and produced beautiful offspring and a lot of them. Her first year of breeding she produced a whooping 100+ eggs over 4 clutches. 



We absolutely love this guy and he will always have a home here with us. Definitely one of the biggest if not the biggest dragon we’ve ever owned or bred. A double Het (Hypo & Trans) Male.


This guy’s name says its all. Yellow and full of personality. He is a Hypo Citrus Dunner Het Translucent produced and purchased from Dachiu Dragons. 


This guy is the other critical piece to the beginning of our Green Project. He also helped us in producing our first HypoTrans Silk Witblit in 2015. Ironically he was purchased from Kp’s Critters, as a Translucent leatherback 66% poss Het Witblit and ended up proving out Het not only for Witblit, but also for Hypo. Talk about Luck!


Produced and purchased from Dime Dragons, this Hypotrans Leatherback Dunner was nothing short of epic!


This Zero Het Trans male was another German import produced by Markus Metz. A lot of our current Zero line started with this guy and we couldn’t have been more thankful for him. 


This Hypo White Male is another Khavong Pha produciton and is also Het Witblit and Translucent. He’s enjoying retirement now with his forever family but produced some amazing dragons during his breeding career here with us. 

Future Breeders

A quick glimpse at some of our most promising holdbacks