Terms & Agreements

Our Guarantee:

What is our guarantee for the health and safe arrival of our animals?

-We guarantee that your animal will be alive and vigorous upon arrival. If your animal is DOA or ill, we will be more than happy to exchange your reptile pet or reimburse you for the cost of your reptile. Dead animals must be reported within 24hrs of arrival. Questions or concerns regarding the health &/ conditions of your animal must be reported within 48hrs of arrival. Failure to comply will disqualify your guarantee.

-We guarantee the health of your reptile for 5 days.
Please be informed and fully prepared for your animal(s) prior to purchase &/ arrival. Returns are based on a thorough investigation and determined on an individual basis.

Payment Information

What is our payment policy?

-We accept all major Credit & Debit Cards, and Paypal,
Advanced Payments Only!

Holding Policy

-Holding requires a non-refundable 25% security deposit
No animal exchanges during holding! Holding exceeding 2wks will be charged an additional $25/wk., for up to 4 additional weeks. This is simply to cover housing and feeding for your reptile. You have a total of 6wks to pay off your reptiles remaining balance. Shipments will be made when full payment is received.

Contact & Ordering Information

David and Akila McClain
Email: lizardofozllc@gmail.com

Emails will be responded to a.s.a.p. Feel free to Contact us at anytime!

Shipping Policy

How will animals be shipped?

-FedEx live animal packages are delivered overnight Tuesday-Friday. Orders placed Friday-Sunday will be processed the following Monday.
All reptiles come with lineage papers/birth certificate and a standard care sheet, 

What is the cost for shipping?

-Shipping is  generally $50-70 but cost can vary depending upon 3 factors: shipping option, delivery distance and package weight.

How will you be able to verify and check on the progress of you package?

-Tracking numbers will be provided via email consequently to every order or by phone request.

What is required for successful delivery?

In order to receive your live animal(s)
– A recipient is to be available during the initial attempt for signature.
A recipient’s absence during the initial attempt will disqualify the recipient from shipment guarantees. Delivery may be attempted again or held for pick-up at your local FedEx.

-We reserve the right to delay shipments.
Delays may occur if shipping standards are violated due to inclement weather or conditions harmful to the animal. Decisions are made in the best interest of the animal.