4 pack of Large bug bowls

-includes 4 large bug bowls

– 5″ round cup 1 ½” tall with a lid opening of 3 ½”

-perfect size for larger feeder insects such as medium to large superworms or roaches

-Escape proof bug bowls (doesn’t work for crickets)


– recyclable

-inexpensive & convenient



8 in stock (can be backordered)


These large disposable bug bowls deter escape of feeder insects making it easier and less time consuming to feed your reptile. Simply place insects inside the bowl and leave them for your reptile to eat at it’s own pace and desire. Each bowl comes with a see through lid that helps to prevent feeder insects from escaping. This is perfect for keeping food available for your lizard 24/7. These bowls can also be used as water dishes, not to mention they’re  recyclable.


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