Death's Head Roach (Starter Colony)

Blaberus Craniifer aka Death’s Head Roaches.

-Florida legal species

-Beautiful exotic species with distinct Jack-0-lantern pattern on its pronotum and jet black wings

-Larger than Dubia and Discoid roaches

-Excellent pet roach or feeder roach for larger insectivores(adult beardies, tegus, certain monitors, etc.)






Blaberus Craniifer aka the Death’s Head Cockroach is a beautiful insect with a very distinct jack-o-lantern marking on the pronotum and dark black wings as an adult. This is a Florida legal species that doesn’t climb smooth surfaces or fly, similar to the popular Dubia and Discoid roach. B.Craniifer however are a larger and rarer species. These make excellent feeders for larger insectivores such as Tegus, or certain monitor species even certain fish and other animals. The nymphs being soft bodied, larger and generally meatier than dubia nymphs can be an excellent protein source for Bearded dragons and other smaller insectivore reptiles such as geckos and chameleons.

-Starter colonies for this species consist of mixed size small-medium unsexed nymphs, not adults unless specified in product description.

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12, 24, 50, 100


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